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Shea Butter
Artisan Soap

Shea butter, produced from the nuts of the karite tree, has been used for centuries in Africa to moisturize and protect the skin from sun, wind and heat. It is  beneficial for aging skin as well as those with sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema.  Shea butter also helps protect skin, providing temporal relief from irritation, dryness and wind burned skin.
Blue Lotus purchases Fair Trade certified, unrefined shea butter, produced by the Sekaf Shea Butter Village Women's Cooperative in Ghana, West Africa. The income generated by producing and selling shea butter enables the women in the cooperative to help feed their families, access medical care and send their children to school.
We whip the virgin shea butter with sweet almond and avocado oils, to create a creamy texture, with extra moisturizing benefits. Whipped shea butter is ideal for skin on areas that may need deep moisturizing, like hands, elbows and feet.​

Blue Lotus Botanicals soaps are made from organic coconut, exrra virgin olive and sustainably-sourced palm oils. We add herbs, clays and botanicals for exfoliation and color, and essential oils, which provide wonderful aromas and benefits for the skin. They are long lasting, and create a rich and creamy  lather for bath or shower.

Our moisturizers are specially formulated with organic and natural plant based ingredients, including jojoba oil, aloe vera, rosewater and herb infused oils and butters. Our moisturizers can be used by those with hypersensitive skin, as they contain no artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, petroleum products or formaldehyde releasers.Please contact us for recommendations for specific skin types.

Blue Lotus serums are created in small batches, slowly infusing organically grown and locally sourced botanicals into beneficial oils. Our Master Herbalist blends the most nutrient rich oils available to create our outstanding line of facial, body and hair serums for women and men. No synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservatives are every used in these products, and they are superior in quality to many higher priced products found in spas and salons.

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